Saturday, 13 August 2011

Loving right now:

  • Cotton on Body.  Cheap but cute lingerie, work out and casual gears.  I'm all about it! They even have a zebra in the could it not be winning.
  • Colour! For someone who usually dresses in all black I'm looking very colourful lately.  Clashing colours.  Not quite Nicki Minaj but I feel wearing trackies a singlet and hoodie isn't so bad when it's mashed pink, leopard print, turquoise and purple haha
  • Cleaning out my wardrobe and selling old clothes.
  • Having the time to read books again
  • Horrible Bosses.  Hilarious movie
  • Mickey nearly crawling
  • Mickey saying MUM
  • Oh you know everything M related!!!!! 
  • Running.  I've hated it for years but started forcing myself to slowly jog and now I'm getting into it.
  • Cherry cola and lollies.  Not healthy I know I thought I'd kicked my soda and candy habit but I haven't..this is why I run isn't it...childrens treats.  
  • Dancing around like a dork.  Joke dancing.  Hahaha
  • Having events on to look forward to.  My social life has been lacking lately so I'm loving making new friends and going out doing new fun things.

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