Friday, 17 February 2012

Loving right now:

Gold jewellery! Chunky chains, on top of pendants, hoop earrings, rings on nearly every finger & stacks of bangles.

Backless tops & dresses. A bonus of not having huge boobs ha I can wear backless
clothing easily haha & it suits me.

Peach nails and lips

10kms run. I like this distance

Author Lesley Pearse

All the upcoming events!!! :-) I especially love FREE & family friendly events.

Houndstooth print

Colourful hair

The new layout of my house which has been rearranged mostly for Mickeys benefit. Spacious

All the fabulous people I'm spending time with lately <3 love you <3


I'm no good at writing. Every time I get the chance to write something...blank. Which is funny because in real life I never shut up!

I would just post photos but that's what I use other sites for.

The Moo is now standing on his own, has a few words and is getting around with his walker (zimmerframe for babies hehe) at speed. First steps wont be far away.

His personality is really shining through. I'm an emotional wreck I could go on and on about my beautiful baby boy but it gets me too emotional hehehe. Crazy Mother <3 I am so happy with how everything is going in my life right now.
Life is beautiful xoxo thanks Mickey for helping me see

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hello ( it me you're looking for)...

Holy 5 month delay!

I had nearly given up on this blog but I thought it is good for me to write...even these ramblings...and it's good to take notes of Mickeys progress.  I wish I had kept note of the dates he first rolled, sat unassisted, started crawling, said "Mum" etc.  He is now 13 months and those early days do feel like a half dream blur.  I probably was in a half dream with all the sleepless nights.  Micro sleeps

To think we are trying to do it all again  :-) hopefully we can be so lucky

Lately Mickey has progressed a lot all at once.  He has a few words like duck, book, ball.  Not always the right word for the right item, like, sometimes the cat is "duck" ha but it's so amazingly cute haha.  He is also cruising along the furniture and using toys with wheels as a walker.  He might be walking soon.  I will keep my cellphone near to record the first steps.  Amaze  <3

Myself, I am doing the same thing.  I have my social life back which is fun I felt a bit isolated for a while there as most new Mums do.  Too tired to do anything and too all consumed with my son.  My fitness is the best it's ever been.  I am looking for part-time work within the industry.  It's not easy.  I have a qualification and a little experience but it's still not easy.  I'm thinking about studying further. 
Luckily Mike is supporting the family.  Very much in love

Summer this year is non existent. 

I'm quite active on!/katiesenior1

Keep in touch XOXO  love Katie