Tuesday, 12 July 2011


It's time to step up my training!

I started back at the gym when Mickey was 6 weeks (very gently) but my milk started to dry up so I eased off..I've been training but it hasn't been regular enough and I haven't progressed much.  I've more been doing it as time to myself.

I stepped on the scales tonight...
Height: 169cm
Weight: 56kgs
BMI: 19.8
Fat%: 23.4%

There's a starting point.

I don't really care what I weigh, I wouldn't mind losing a couple of kilos, it's more about shape.  Toning.

Also aerobic fitness I scored a 3/5 on a bike test that monitored my heart rate.  I don't know how reliable that is though I had to do the test a few times because it was skipping all over the place and had my heart rate really high at one stage when it definitely wasn't.

Goals to work toward
That bike test I'd like a 4/5 or I'd rather a different aerobic fitness test.
Body fat I'd like 20% which would mean losing 2kgs
Want to increase all my weights, my lower body is strong but my upper body isn't, will be working on that.  Working on my left side as well I'm a bit unbalanced from carrying Mickey around
Sleep easier
More energy
All those general benefits that follow being healthy

I'll check back on this update in 6 weeks time

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