Monday, 11 July 2011


I checked into facebook this morning to see what my friends got up to over the weekend while I was away..and it got me thinking...I have a love/hate relationship with facebook.

I don't care so much about the privacy issues I'm an open book (obviously I wouldn't have a blog if privacy bothered me) the love part is I can keep up with friends easily especially those not in Lower Hutt.  The hate is how much time it takes up.  This "checking in" took nearly an hour, while Mickey was napping.  Not so productive.  Not very personal either if keeping up is only liking a photo of them from a party I missed.  I'd be better off calling or at least writing an email  :-/

Anyway what does this have to do with the title interests.
Looking at the photos I realize how much I've changed since becoming a Mum.  I don't drink anymore which I wish I'd stopped earlier but I didn't have the motivation ha I'm a much happier person - that's a really big change haha.  But also my idea of a good time is not getting dolled up going out for drinks, dancing and causing trouble.  My idea of a good time is feeding and bathing Mickey, dinner with my boyfriend, staying in watching a movie or time with friends during the days rather then late nights.

Not that I'm a boring soccer Mum (though how cute will it be when Mickey is older playing Saturday sports.  I hope he's into that) I just honestly love to be with him and it's OK to admit that isn't it.  Honesty that is the best time of my life.  Mummy and Mickey time  <3 <3 <3

I don't want to isolate myself though.  Here's a list of interests I wrote when I was 23.

Tattoos, hair dye, absolute fabulosity, roller derby, tacky earrings, high heels, killing zombies, cash money, shopping, trashy lingerie,  hula hoops, pole fitness, colourful make-up, sunshine, green tea sorbet, bustin balls, animal rights, sleeping in, tough guys, breaking the rules, swimming in the ocean, time to myself, working out, hotrods, vegan cupcakes & all vegan treats, being a stranger in new cities, dancing, bruises, bad jokes,  making fun of myself, the internet, cuteness, my kittehs, horror movies,  good books, good music, good food/drinks, good art  &  STUFF..
these are a few of my favourite things.

I'll be 26 in a few days.  Lots of those favourite things are jokes.  What are my interests now.  Besides my beautiful baby boy.
Thinking about that question..... that's what's on my mind right now.

Or, maybe nothing has changed, maybe it's just winter and I want to hibernate.  Maybe it's just the die hards who are busy out and about and if I'm happy at home why do I have to change a thing.  Maybe it's just facebook everyone always looks like they are having a better time then you but that's an illusion and whose idea of a "better time"?! 

I love my life

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