Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Mickey is not a very good sleeper.  He's perfect in every other way.  Well, his head..but he's a happy healthy baby.

He's so loved!
I could happily watch paint dry as long as I'm with Mickey!

<3 I'm living the life I've always dreamed of being his Mum <3

But enough of me waking every couple of hours during the night, it's taking a toll.  Considering I didn't sleep while pregnant either because of a hip problem it's been over a year with no longer then a 3 hour stretch of sleep.  Oh body probably thinks this is my schedule now.

My sleeping problem is something separate to Mickeys though. 
First to get him from 7pm - 7am

Lets try this:

7:00 – Wake and Breast milk, then Breakfast
9:00 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
10:00 – Breast milk
12:00 – Nap (30-45 minutes)
1:00 – Breast milk
2:30 – Nap (30-45)
4:00 – Breast milk
5:00 – Catnap (30 minutes)
5:30 – Breast milk then Dinner
6:30 – Begin bedtime routine
7:00 – Bedtime
7:30 – Goal to be asleep
+Plus possibly 1-2 nighttime feedings

It's usually eat-play-sleep which works.   We've just started solids so we're having 2 meals dinner and breakfast which is only 1 jar of stage 1 baby food (1/2 breakfast 1/2 dinner)

I know at Mickeys age he should be getting 15 hours sleep.  We try everything. 
I'm going to use my diary tommorrow to record his schedule and see what's going on.  Then try the above schedule.

I try a few different settling techniques.  I don't think Mickey is hungry I think it's just comforting for him and it might be a habit now.  He's still in our room until we move into our new house, but we don't have a choice about that.  It would probably be a lot easier if he was in his own room but..only another month or so now..moving house and moving rooms probably times in well together anyway.

Everything would be so much easier with a full nights sleep.   xo


  1. I remember that feeling. Only too well and recently too as since Sam is sick his fab habits have slipped back to his old stinky ones.

    I think apart from accidentally drugging him (whoops) we had the most success with sleep training gradually rather than the old cold turkey styles although I would have gone there had it not been for the accidental drugs.. we were going insane! We started waking him up for a night feed about 10.30-11 before we went to sleep even if he wasn't waking, and then ignored him for a bit at 2/3am (the killer feed). He wasn't hungry either it was just his routine from when he had needed it. After 10 mins of grizzling and sometimes with Dad resettling him he went back to sleep without the feed and eventually gave up. Then we dropped the 10.30pm feed when he went on to solids in a major way in the same manner, but the 5am feed hung around until I withdrew booby privileges, unfortunately.
    Don't let people swear by any method or swear against it either it depends on you guys. We were totes anti sleep training pre baby but it became necessary in order to capably parent and get on with our lives. You do what you gotta do. Good luck!
    Jenn Lawless.

  2. accidentally drugging him hahaha!

    i can't stand mickey crying i've never left him to cry yet..might have to try. thats the 1 approach i've not tried otherwize i think we've tried it all.

    i wonder if it has anything to do with his head/neck because he thrashes his head a bit quite violently. he used to just suck his thumb to settle himself back to sleep but now its this head thrashing. might be nothing

    im taking note of what time the night feeds are too it seems to be 3 hourly but im going to try take them further and further apart. ive tried before and given in...tried that a few times. we'll try again. my partner is on board (he would usually sleep through the night sleep through everything - lucky huh)

    might just be a rough week but hopefully at the end of it he'll at least drop a couple of those feeds im sure he doesn't need them

    occasionally ill dream feed him but i usually try to go to bed soon after he does around 9pm so i don't bother waking him then

    zombie mum

  3. so far so good..only fed at 12.30 and 5.30 in night. im happy with that.

  4. Hope it's getting easier Katie.. Not much advice from this corner as my little man still wont sleep through either.. Worst one yet, up 7 times between 10:30pm & 7am. Buuut think that's his teeth.. Have you got a mobile in his cot? I know you want to train his head not to be on the flatter side but maybe just try putting a mobile or a lightup glow-worm that sings in his cot on the side he always turns to, give him something to watch & he may settle himself back to sleep if it's on & you leave him to cry for 5-10minutes? (You may have already tried this, & i'm not trying to sound like I know everything - coz I definitely don't! LOL, but if you haven't given it a go, you may get a little more sleep!) =)

    xx Amy

  5. Hey Katie, I feel for you! I know(still know) what it's like. I agree with a lot of the above. It is rough but it is possible( at leastthats what people tell me too hehe) the crying thing was a big thing for us too, I didn't want to do it and we really resisted but we tried it and it helped. We tried doing 5 mins if crying, then going in and settling , not pickun up but just soothing. Then leave and try 10 mins and do the same etc see if you can get to 30 mins and see if he sounds more settled. It wasn't fun but I think it helped. You could also try the dinner routine a bit earlier and maybe bottle after dinner? There are these amazing drops called sleep drops, just google sleepsdrops ns and it should come up. Completely natural and even though I haven't tried them I have herd great things. You will get there , definetely times when you don't think it but us mums are stronger then we know! Good luck xx ingrid

  6. Thanks guys! So luck..I'm spreading things out a bit but no closer to the schedule and then 1 day I think I have it and the next day is completely different haha. All good though we will get there eventually ha