Monday, 20 June 2011

flat head

Or, plagiocephaly.   Mickey has this :-(

I try to turn his head while he's sleeping but he turns it straight back or he wont keep it on his left side for long.  We tried a wedge but he's too strong for that.  He's seen an (expensive!) osteo to rid the tension on the one side of his neck.  When he's awake he's always on his tummy or sitting..I pick him up over the opposite shoulder always massaging his neck (osteo said it made his day how much Mickeys tension improved and how I did the best job) we do everything we can to get him to turn his head left!
  • mobile on that side
  • he sleeps down bottom of the cot which if he turned left would face the light and would face me
  • I put toys in the stroller and carseat over the left - though he's sitting - still try to reposition him.
I'm scared he'll need a helmet! But, whatever he needs...I don't want him to have a misshaped head for the rest of his life.  I know flat head can be common but Mickeys is extreme.  It has pushed one ear forward and I'm scared about pushing forehead/cheekbone out of place.  I'm also scared the brain can't grow properly where it's flat.

We are seeing pediatrician July 5th, we've been waiting months to see one and it's worsened, I was hoping it'd right itself *sigh*

My poor precious angel.  You're still such a beautiful boy.  I wish it were me who had the wonky head ha I'm sorry I love you more then life itself.  It's not my fault haha I shouldn't be so hard on myself. 
Guilty mothers syndrome


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  1. ohhhh :( Poor Mickey, I hope your appointment goes well! Let us know how it goes. I was naughty and let Nixon sleep on his tummy sometimes so seemed to avoid flathead